Daily Rhythm

Young children are comforted by routine. Our daily rhythm is inspired by the breath.  Breathing in with calm, centering activities that develop focus, such as circle, story and rest time.  Breathing out with dynamic activities that allow children to explore and release energy, such as inside and outside play.


Morning Program 

8:00      Before care

8:30      School opens

8:30      Inside playtime (rotating seasonal activities)

9:45      Clean up/"Mousey time"

10:00    Snack time (heathly organic snack provided)

11:00     Outside playtime

12:00      Lunch

12:30      "Partner reading"

12:45      Oral story telling time

1:00        Goodbye

Afternoon Program

Schedule rotates inside/outside playtime with the seasons

1:00        Rest Period  (Children who nap are
              monitored and may sleep for as long as
              they wish. Teachers work with parents to
              make a plan that best fits the needs of
              each individual child.)

1:30        Outside play

2:30       Snack (heathly organic snack provided)

2:30       Snack

3:00       Inside play

4:00       Clean up

4:15        Art Activity

4:45       Storytime

5:00       School Closes

5:30       After Care available


Elements of the Day

Creative Play

Play is at the heart of our program. Children may choose to explore dramatic play, sensory activities, building and art. We offer simple, open ended toys made of natural materials such as wood, shells, silks and stones. In our classrooms play is child driven. Children may explore individual, parallel, or cooperative play.

“Mousey time”

After cleanup, when all the toys are put back in their place, the children hunt around the room like “mice” looking for “crumbs” and “treasure”.  After gathering them in a bowl the teacher lays out the “crumbs” and offers each child the chance to brainstorm ideas for how they might be used as props in a story.  Next the teacher tells a simple, impromptu story often exploring themes of play and/or conflicts that have happened in the classroom.

Circle Time

Our circles are collections of seasonally inspired songs, poetry, movement, and games to help develop bodily awareness, listening, and wonder.

Outside Play

Children are free to explore the natural world, run, play and help in the garden.  The children plant, tend and harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers. We go outside every day, rain or shine!


Children bring a lunch from home. We believe parents can best support their children’s health by preparing lunches that meet their childs unique dietary needs.

“Partner reading”

The children are assigned a partner for this special reading time.  Partners are given a card with a drawing of a mouth or an ear on it.  The “ear” is listens and ask questions, such as “what do you see?”.  The “mouth” tells the tale, turning the pages and creating their own story or share observations throughout the book. 


Our specialty!  At Rising Song stories are told from memory to develop the imagination.  Stories are chosen from fairy and folk tales, taken from the natural world, or crafted by the teachers to explore important class issues. These stories are repeated for one or two weeks with a culminating puppet show or dramatic re-enactment.   

Waldorf preschool portland leaves.jpg

Seasonal Rhythms

Seasonal Rhythms are reflected in our circle plays and stories.  Songs, fingerplays and games explore the changing seasons, teach about plants and animals, and evoke a sense of wonder for the natural world.  We celebrate each season with special events for the whole family:  A festival of light in the fall, a shadow puppet show in the winter, and a maypole dance in the spring