Our Classroom

5017 NE Prescott St

In the spring of 2014 we purchased this beautiful half-acre piece of property. We've been hard at work, developing an evolving outdoor playscape, including: An annual vegetable garden, tons of pickable perineal flowers, 100's of berries plants, 50 fruit trees, a giant sandbox (with plenty of garden tools, wheelbarrows, and a water-catchment barrel), tree swings, natural climbing structures, revolving forts (and loose parts to make them), stump play (including a hammering station), and plenty of room to run!  The inside has a beautiful open floor plan and vaulted ceilings  

Our Teachers


Rebecca Jones, Co-Director, Lead Afternoon Teacher

Rebecca’s inspiration to teach comes from her own deep and developing connection to nature, evolving communication and conflict resolution skills, and expression of creativity as an artist. With 15 years experience under her belt, she has a clear sense of this work being her “right livelihood”.  

She feels daily gratitude from interacting with children as they experience the world with openness and wonder, responding by offering her love of song, movement, laughter, stories, puppets, plants, and artistic expression. At the center of her work, she holds the intention to make each child feel seen and special.

Rebecca is currently enrolled in a year-long psychic training program, honing a toolset of grounding and reading energy, which she finds tremendously helpful and relevant to her work with children.   


Norina Beck, Co-Director, Lead Morning Teacher

Norina has been teaching for over 15 years, working in Montessori, Public, and Waldorf -inspired schools. Norina has a M.Ed in art education and a special passion for storytelling with children.  

Before opening Rising Song, she taught kindergarten for 5 years, developing a story-based curriculum for teaching reading and math to children ages 4-6. Norina has experience with shadow puppetry and children’s theater. She has performed many story plays with children for small family audiences.    

Norina grew up in a preschool run by her mother where she inherited a love for children and more songs than you can shake a stick at.


Patrick Dundon, Lead morning teacher

After three summers teaching at the Rising, Patrick joined us in full time capacity this Fall. He's spent the past three years pursuing a MFA in poetry at Syracuse University, and feels passionate about bringing storytelling and art into children’s lives to help them establish and maintain an imaginatively vibrant relationship with the world around them, one filled with curiosity and wonder. Before his time at Syracuse, he taught at a Waldorf-inspired preschool for over eight years which, like Rising Song, featured a large permaculture garden. He particularly enjoys working with the children in the garden and using it to create a nature-based curriculum in the classroom. Patrick holds a BA in mathematics from Yale University, and though he ultimately made the switch to poetry, he's glad to have developed a relationship with both the sciences and the arts, and strive to incorporate an understanding of both into his teaching.