The Classroom

5017 NE Prescott St


In the spring of 2014 Rising Song purchased a beautiful half-acre piece of property. Developing the evolving outdoor playscape has been hard and rewarding work and has led to: 

An annual vegetable garden, tons of pickable perineal flowers, 100's of berry plants, 40 fruit trees, a giant sandbox (with plenty of garden tools, wheelbarrows, and a water-catchment barrel), tree swings, natural climbing structures, revolving forts (and loose parts to make them), stump play (including a hammering station), and plenty of room to run!

The inside classroom has a beautiful open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, lots of light and natural play materials.   

The Teacher


Rebecca Jones, Owner, Director, Teacher

Rebecca's motivation to teach comes from a deep and developing connection to nature, evolving communication and conflict resolution skills, and expression of creativity as an artist. After 15 years of practice, she has a clear sense of this work being her right livelihood.  

She feels daily gratitude from being a witness and guide to children as they experience the world with openness and wonder, and is inspired to share her love of song, movement, laughter, stories, plants, and artistic expression. At the center of her work, she holds the intention to make each child feel truly seen and special.

Rebecca is a student of meditation and energy reading, which she finds tremendously helpful in supporting, grounding and sustaining herself in this work with children.   In her spare time she's a homesteader, avid gardener, experimental cook, amateur herbalist, solo kitchen dancer, and aspiring mermaid.